How to find your personal style?

Your personal style is just like your food diet, It’s what you prefer and your individual choice which rubs off on your personality! You can like Biryani, Nihari and Tikkay whereas another person may prefer Sushi, Tacos and Gluten free food only. Does that mean what you are put in a societal box? Yes! Does it matter? No!

The way you carry yourself from your nails to the way you your hair is done to the outfit you choose for yourself at every engagement – it is all a reflection of your personal style. Let’s not confuse this with keeping up with trends. Trends fade but your personal style remains forever. If you’ve made it this far, this is a friendly reminder to follow a style that suits YOU just like you follow a diet customized to your needs and then follow through till your very last breath! (It only gets more intense from here – brace yourself!)

Unfortunately, many aunties and aunties-to-be (The late 30’s) are not aware of how to find their personal style! Now you may be wondering why I haven’t given a list till now on how to achieve that but you see it all depends on you. Choose colors that enhance your complexion, choose outfit silhouettes that suit your figure, choose patterns and prints that compliment you. How? RESEARCH! PATIENCE! TIME!

Public warning for those who are planning to deck up their lawn outfits this summer with layers of embroideries, tassels and laces. Keep it fuss free – you can check our Unstitched Volume 1 Lookbook for the unstitched collection volume 1 to get inspiration.

Happy shopping x