Fashion Rules You Live by

We cannot define fashion rules for anyone but ourselves. It’s what we feel comfortable in and what we feel confident in. For someone it might be a pair of sunglasses or a pair of heels and for another person it might be a good hair day. Fashion rules are uniquely yours.

 Keeping that in mind, we must cover some basic points here. What is in your closet? Do you know each and every item at the back of your hand or are there clothes laying in there somewhere that you have totally forgotten about! Step 1 – Know what’s in your closet and also know what you don’t need to keep! This brings me to Step 2 -- Don’t keep what you don’t wear. It’s as simple as it gets and this will allow room and some free space to fill it up with things that you enjoy wearing. Locally we have a tendency to follow others and what is trending, What’s more important is follow your own heart. Make choices that suit you, that looks good on you! It will look more flattering for a curvy woman to wear a straight cut long shirt in a monochrome color rather than a busy print in a bright color that may be seen on multiple influencers and socialites but it won’t give a slimming effect. Similarly, a woman who is petite shouldn’t wear heavily embroidered outfits with frills and laces. The goal is to wear an outfit and not let the outfit wear you! 

 Having a capsule wardrobe for each season with signature pieces is key. With the lawn season in full swing, having a pair of pointed toe nude heels goes with every look and elongates your legs. A pair of designer slides can elevate a simple and fuss free outfit. A classic black bag can be styled with various looks and the list goes on. Invest in signature pieces that you can mix and match your summer outfits with.

 Lastly and most importantly, do not buy something just because it’s on sale! It can be very tempting to pick up something just because it’s half it’s price trust me! However, quality pieces that will last long in your wardrobe for many moments to come is a better investment then some tacky trendy item that will last only a few months and fade out as a style or trend. It should go with everything you already have in your closet and it should be something that represents your own personal style.